My frames are going for $900 for the Stark Naked Universal frame,,

,,$1500 for the Econo Easy build frame that adds a Monster heavy duty neck,, side bars, rear cross bar and pedal set.

. The Deluxe Chassis adds a welded in VW rear clip, torsion bar panels, master cylinder strut , battery box, under seat floor, Empi solid rear trans mounts, all for a cheap $1800..

. My goal is to make a kit that could be as easy as possible for the average guy to build in a weekend or two...

My Bettertrikes are totally American Made!, and Im damn proud of it!! 

Please check out a bunch more pics on my Photobucket..

I've been building trikes a long time,  My first one was in 1969 when I came back from Germany and VW school in Wolfsburg. My life long love of VWs  has led me to a life long career  working with VWs and motorcycles. 

 I've been improving and refining the 4 full tube Bettertrike space frames since 2001.  Each improvement has made them stronger, better built, more storage space, better handleing, more comfortable, easier to build, etc.    I am proud to say that they have become one of the very best all around handling and driving VW trikes anywhere!!  (ask my clients)  AND best of all, I've managed to keep the costs as low as possible and still maintain an excellent standard.   I hope you like my stuff...  TROY

 The BETTERTRIKE concept is a simple one... each trike is to be somehow better then the last.  And after several hundred, they have become some of the very best handling VW trikes anywhere.  No wheelies.. No wobble..No problem.   I'm located in Tampa,  FL

(813) 986 3552

 I often say "MY" Bettertrikes, but I have a team of talented friends that I call on for their skills when needed.  I'm a designer and a decent fabricator, but some of my friends have world class skills that blow me away.  It's really great to see my designs turning out so well.

I build for three people: myself, the client, and the next tech that has to work on the vehicle (which may be me!).  Among the things I keep in mind when building are that I want the vehicle to function efficiently, safely and with longevity.  I want to build a trike with clean and pleasing lines that looks great from a distance, and only gets better the closer you look.