Lining up the neck can be one of the most difficult aspects of building a trike ..It can be very time consuming as well..  I'v spent as much as 3 days trying to get things right..

I've tried lots of different methods and other then using a jig, this page is the best method I've found.. 

The idea is to get the vertical neck to align with the horizontal torsion tube.

I start with two long cloth measuring tapes, and a long straight item such as a metal bar, 2x4, or  I use a long level..(nothing needs to be true level for this method)..

I set the level on the lower triple tree and hook the ends of the tapes to the body mounting bolts on the torsion tube and lay the tapes over the  level.


Turn the forks until the tapes measure the same... I put white poster board behind the torsion tube so its top edge will be easier to see.

Next I step back and use my eyeballs to see an imaginary line between the level edge and the top of the torsion tube..  By moving to the right position you can make the "line" look way thin and easily see if one side it thicker then the other...

Keep adjusting the various parts until that "line" is equal all the way across, and it's time to tack weld it in place... Double check everything after the tack weld to make sure everthing is totally correct.

I hope this isn't too confusing,, If you have questions, email me at or phone me at (813) 986 3552