The outter tubeing is 1x .120w DOM.  The inner tubeing is 3/4"od.  The pedal stem is 9"tall and bent at 3"

The hidden stops are trimmed angle iron..

note: The 1"DOM is the same stuff I use for the handlebars..  Two sets of pedals and two handlebars can be made from one 20' stick of tubeing...The use of this tubeing is very handy.. 

The hidden stops on the underside of  the frame 

You dont have to cut your

It can be used as a cradle for your new Monster neck at a better angle. 

The upper shock mounts are CNC machined to match the 2" round down tube at 45`...That makes it very easy to align. 

A stight edge against the front face of the shock mounts lines them up... 

Here is a quick and dirty method for checking the centering of the wheel...

Its just a stack of big washers held between the tire and downtube.. It easy to tell which side needs different axle spacers.. 

This is where I show a lot of the cool and interesting details of  verious aspects of trike building and the improvements and latest refinments .

This is my Bettertrike frame building jig.. I call it the Iron Maiden 

One of the unique features of my frames is the V style neck cradle..There are several reasons for useing this style cradle..  It maxes the amount of welding serface and the tubes can be accuratlely cut at the correct angle for a perfect fit

The V will fit any round neck and fits my 21/2" Monster necks perfectly..  After any frame is welded they have a tendency to warp a bit..  The neck is aligned AFTER the rest of the frame is welded for the best alignment possible. 

I start with two 8`6' 11/4" tubes with two bends that total 80`.   3 cross pieces and 4 uprite pieces..  I dont use the 6" plate any more. 

Nice and snug and ready to be welded. 

  The tubes are put in the jig and the cross pieces set in place to hold them firm.  The upper ends of the tubes are angle cut to match the V style neck cradle.